Tomball German Festival March 31- April 2

Looking for something fun to do this weekend with the whole family!? 

Tomball German Festival is happening March 31- April 2. 

Location: Tomball, TexasOld Town Tomball Near the HistoricalTrain Depot Plaza, 201 S. Elm


Free Admission/Parking/ 4 Music Stages / 175 Street VendorsEthnic & Festival Food, Beer, WinePetting Zoo / Street PerformersSouvenirs, Arts & Crafts, AntiquesHeritage Center

Free Parking and Shuttles

The Carnival opens Thursday evening, March 30th, with a $15 special price for the “all you can ride” armband. See you at the corner of Main and Cherry for this Thursday ONLY special.

On Friday, March 31st at 6:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. shop street vendors and enjoy various performances.

Saturday, April 1st at 10:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. begins with the “tapping of the keg” and Willkommen ceremony for German exchange students and Tomball host families, and official opening by the Mayor of Tomball Gretchen Fagan. Alex Meixner will be the featured entertainer once again with music and dancing all day and into the night with Alpenmusikanten, Chris Rybak and Das Ist Lustig and much, much more.

Enjoy the final day of the festivel Sunday, April 2nd at 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

Friday- Stellar Entertainment Line Up (6-10pm)

MC Valina Polka 6:00 Auf Geht’s 7:00 Keine Kunst German Folk Dance Troupe 7:30 Auf Geht’s 8:30 Rathkamp German Folk Dancers 9:00 Auf Geht’s

Chris Rybak Party Stage

MC Edita Rybak 6:00 Chris Rybak Band 7:30 David G Wonders 8:00 Chris Rybak Band

Warsteiner Stage

MC Heidi Holadio 6:00 Alex Meixner Band sponsored by Polka Beat 7:00 Rathkamp German Folk Dance Troupe 7:30 Alex Meixner Band 8:30 Das Ist Keine Kunst German Folk Dance Troupe 9:00 Alex Meixner Band

Texas Heritage Stage

MC Scott Armstrong 6:00–10:00 Blue Yonder

Heritage Center

6:30–8:30 Kenny James

Saturday, Line Up (10am-10pm)

MC Heidi Holadio 10:30 Matt Tolentino’s Royal Klobasneks 11:10 Parade arrives 11:15 Opening ceremonies and keg tapping 11:30 Matt Tolentino’s Royal Klobasneks 12:30 Clements HS German Club folk dancers 12:45 Tompkins HS German Club folk dancers 1:00 Matt Tolentino’s Royal Klobasneks 2:00 Scandinavian Folk Dancers of Houston 2:30 Matt Tolentino’s Royal Klobasneks 3:30 Woodlands HS German Club folk dancers 3:50 TBA 4:00 Kingwood HS German Club folk dancers 4:15 Auf Geht’s 5:30 Rathkamp German Folk Dancers 6:00 Auf Geht’s 7:00 Cloggers On The Move 7:30 Auf Geht’s 8:30 Keine Kunst 9:00 Auf Geht’s

Chris Rybak Party Stage

MC Edita Rybak 10:30 Round Top Brass Band 11:30 recorded music 12:00 Round Top Brass Band 12:45 Deer Park HS German Club folk dancers 1:00 Kingwood HS German Club folk dancers 1:15 Round Top Brass Band 2:20 TBA 2:30 Round Top Brass Band 3:15 Clements HS German Club folk dancers 3:30 Great Oak School German Choir 4:15 Chris Rybak Band 5:15 Woodlands College Park German club Polka Band and folk dancers 5:45 Woodlands HS German Club folk dancers 6:00 Chris Rybak Band 7:00 Scandinavian Folk Dancers of Houston 7:30 Chris Rybak Band 8:30 Rathkamp German Folk Dancers 9:00 Chris Rybak Band

Warsteiner Stage

MC Katerina & Valina Polka 10:30 TubaMeisters 11:30 recorded music 12:00 TubaMeisters 12:45 Woodlands HS German Club folk dancers 1:05 TBA 1:15 Das Ist Lustig 2:00 German folk dance Showcase; six German Clubs from Houston area high schools 2:30 Das Ist Lustig 3:15 Woodlands College Park German Club folk dancers / Polka band 3:45 Alex Meixner Band sponsored by Polka Beat 5:00 Das Ist Lustig 6:00 Keine Kunst German Folk Dance Troupe 6:30 Alex Meixner Band 7:30 Masskrugstemmen (Stein holding) 7:50 Das Ist Lustig 8:40 Masskrugstemmen (Stein holding) 9:00 Alex Meixner Band

Texas Heritage Stage

MC Scott Armstrong 10:30 Armstrong Family Bluegrass Band 11:30 recorded music 11:45 Robert Duke Trick Roper 12:15 London Lawhon 12:45 Armstrong Family Bluegrass Band 1:45 TBA 2:00 Robert Duke Trick Roper 2:30 Armstrong Family Bluegrass Band 3:35 Derek Song 4:00 London Lawhon 4:30 Deer Park HS German Club folk dancers 4:45 Tompkins HS German Club folk dancers 5:15 TBA 5:30 Hollerin’ and Yodelin Contest 6:00 The Siekers Band 7:30 Derek Song 8:00 The Siekers Band

Heritage Center

11:00–3:30 Rebecca Jane 4:00-9:00 Joe Brikha

Sunday, Finale! Line Up (10am-6pm)

MC Heidi Holadio 12:00 Walburg Boys 1:15 David G Wonders 1:45 Walburg Boys 3:00 Rathkamp German Folk Dancers 3:30 Walburg Boys 4:30 Cloggers Unlimited 5:00 Walburg Boys

Chris Rybak Party Stage

MC Edita Rybak 12:00 Chris Rybak Band 1:15 JungeMeisters 2:00 Keine Kunst German Folk Dance Troupe 2:30 JungeMeisters 3:30 Chris Rybak Band 4:30 Rathkamp German Folk Dancers 5:00 Chris Rybak Band

Warsteiner Stage

MC Valina Polka 12:00 Das Ist Lustig 2:00 Cloggers Unlimited 2:30 Alex Meixner Band sponsored by Polka Beat 4:00 Keine Kunst German Folk Dance Troupe 4:30 Alex Meixner Band

Texas Heritage Stage

MC Scott Armstrong 12:00 Armstrong Family Bluegrass Band 1:00 Robert Duke Trick Roper 1:30 Traveling Murphy’s 2:30 Robert Duke Trick Roper 3:00 Armstrong Family Bluegrass Band 4:00 Traveling Murphy’s 5:00 Armstrong Family Bluegrass Band

Heritage Center

1:00-5:00 Shelia Lee and Friends

Strolling All Weekend

David G Wonders Tallest German Katerina on Saxophone Gene Hackemack on Accordion

Saturday & Sunday only: Ghillie The Elf TubaMeisters Derek on classical Violin

*subject to change*


Holiday Shopping Event!


Friday & Saturday, November 18 & 19, 2016: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, November 20, 2016: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Thursday, November 17: 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.


Saturday, November 19: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, November 20: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center
The Woodlands, Texas

A shopping extravaganza event that features a variety of items.
From flower arrangements to personalized gifts to holiday ornaments, you can begin your holiday shopping early and even have time left over to buy yourself something special.

For more information about this event, please call 1-888-SHOP-4JL (1-888-746-7455).

Weekend road trip tips

A long weekend provides the perfect opportunity to hop into the car and embark on a road trip. Sometimes it doesn't take an extended vacation to recharge your batteries. A brief change of scenery and venue can make for quite the respite as well.

Road trips also tend to be more affordable than longer getaways. If you have the benefit of a tow hitch and a camper, you already have your accommodations. But even if you still need lodging, there are several budget motels that can fit the bill for overnight lodging along your route. Here are some other road trip tips.

 * Before embarking, take out a map and plan your excursion. Stick to locations that are within reasonable driving distance from home. If you roam too far, you will spend more time behind the wheel than you will enjoy your destination. Locations no more than five to six hours away should suffice.

* Get your vehicle in road trip shape by ensuring it is in good working condition. If your car is scheduled for an oil change, get one before leaving. In addition, top off fluids and be sure that tires are properly inflated.

* Stick to the scenic routes. While they may not save you travel time, avoiding interstates in favor of picturesque back roads will make for a much more relaxing and visually inspiring trip. Schedule rest stops so you can get out of the car and explore along the way to your destination. Taking back roads may also help you avoid some of your fellow weekend travelers.

* Make your long weekend a Saturday through Monday affair. You may find the roads are more congested Friday through Sunday. Simply starting your trip on Saturday and returning on Monday could save you the headache of driving in heavy traffic.

* Scope out low-cost activities at your destination. Many national parks are inexpensive and may only charge one fee per vehicle to enter. After Labor Day, many beaches no longer charge entry fees, making them an affordable option.

Take advantage of cooler temperatures and picturesque scenery by planning an autumn weekend road trip.

Enjoyable ways to spend Father’s Day

Many dads and father figures will attest that Father’s Day is special because they get to spend it with their families. While the gifts might be nice, it’s the time together that dads truly cherish. 
Family members who want to make Father’s Day extra special this year may want to put extra effort into customizing Father’s Day fun rather than shopping for gifts.

So what equates to a fun-filled and enjoyable day for fathers? That all depends on Dad’s interests. While no two fathers are the same, there are some universal ideas that can make for a memorable Father’s Day.

Rest and relaxation
Fathers do a lot for their families, and many fathers have hectic daily schedules. Come Father’s Day, Dad may just desire a day when he’s not called on to do anything. Provide this for him by removing many of the responsibilities that can bog your father down. This includes chores that may be tackled on Sundays or even responsibilities that Mom often relies on him to tackle.

Special dinner
On this special day, Dad may deserve a dinner that stands apart from more routine family meals. A specially cooked meal that the entire family prepares together or a reservation at a favorite restaurant will no doubt bring a smile to Dad’s face. Make sure that the meal includes his favorite foods.  

Favorite activity
Plan the day around an activity that Dad enjoys. If he’s an avid fisherman, this could mean taking the rods out and spending a few hours seeing what’s biting. Or it may involve attending a ballgame, watching his favorite movie or playing a few rounds of golf.

Father’s Day is a special day that many fathers would insist is even better when spent with family.