Make Election Day go smoothly

Election Day gives voters throughout the United States a chance to participate in their government. The right to vote is something to cherish, as many people across the globe do not get a chance to elect the officials who govern their countries.
While Election Day is an exciting time, voters may find it frustrating if they do not take steps to ensure things go smoothly when they head to the polls. The following tips can help voters prepare for Election Day.

  • Confirm your polling location. Polling locations may have changed since last year, and voters who have moved in the past 12 months may now have to vote in a new location. Voters can contact their local board of elections or visit www.Vote411.org to confirm the correct polling locations. Voters should also learn the hours when the polls are open so they do not arrive too early or too late to vote.
  • Bring photo identification. Voter identification laws vary by state, but voters who want to avoid hassles or holdups may be able to do so by bringing current photo identification with them to the polling place. While such identification is not necessarily a requirement, voters who bring along a driver’s license or state identification card may get in and out of the polling place more quickly than those who do not. 
  • Confirm registration. Voters can confirm that they have registered to vote by contacting their local board of elections in advance of Election Day. Sometimes voters’ names may not appear on the registration list when they arrive to vote, even if they previously registered. Poll workers can help voters who find themselves in such situations. But voters who want to avoid such hassles on Election Day can confirm their registration beforehand.
  • Be familiar with the candidates and issues on the ballot. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility, so voters should familiarize themselves with the candidates and issues on the ballot in the weeks leading up to Election Day. In addition to national or statewide candidates and issues, voters should learn about local issues that may have a more direct impact on their daily lives. The more voters learn about the candidates and issues in advance, the more quickly they can cast their votes and get to work or return home.

Voting on Election Day is a privilege that voters should not take lightly. Taking certain steps in the weeks ahead of Election Day can make it easier for voters to cast their ballots.  

Northland Christian Student Chosen for World Debate Team

The Northland Christian debate team is incredibly proud to announce that Sarah Lanier, a senior, has been chosen to represent the United States as a member of the USA Debate Team. Sarah will travel the world competing as a representative of Team USA (and Northland Christian School). The team is made up of eight other students from across the nation that will compete in global debate competitions against students from other countries. Some competitions they will attend this upcoming school year will be held in Germany, Croatia, Singapore and Argentina; the final tournament of the year will be held in Bali, Indonesia. 

In order to be selected, the participants had to complete several video speeches on different debate topics. The field started with over 500 applicants. Once the field was narrowed down to the final 20, Sarah participated in an interview that consisted of questions and impromptu speaking exercises. Margaret Purcell, a senior debate captain, also made it to the semi-final round! We could not be more proud of how these ladies have represented our program and our school!

Northland Christian has had one other student that was selected to be a member of Team USA—Shania Hunt, class of 2014. With Sarah being selected to the team, Northland Christian becomes one of only a select few schools that has ever had two students on the team. Since 1974, Northland Christian School has prepared Christian leaders for college, life and forever, for ages 18 months through 12th grade. Northland offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum and comprehensive co-curricular programs. The beautiful campus is located in northwest Houston with over 680 students currently enrolled.

Sarah Lanier, a senior, at Northland Christian

Sarah Lanier, a senior, at Northland Christian

Pay it forward with our Local Police officers.

Pay it Forward!
The Gun Cleaners would like to offer the members of the public an opportunity to "Pay it Forward". You can purchase a gun cleaning ($30) for a police officer at any of our Gun Cleaners Locations. Your purchase will be posted onto a "Thin Blue Line appreciation board" with a note of encouragement from you. Any police officer that brings a gun in for cleaning from now until August 31st, 2016 will get to use your posted cleaning to cover the cost of his gun cleaning. This is a great way that the Gun Cleaner's family of stores and customers can show the members of the police force that we stand with them in the fight against terrorism.  A Clean Gun is an Accurate Gun!
Simply click on the link below to "Pay it Forward" in support of our nations police officers.  Your message of support will be posted in our store location for an officer to receive and use to professionally clean his firearm.  


  • Starts

    19 Jul 2016

  • Ends

    31 Aug 2016

  • Location

    Gun Cleaners Store Locations


  • 1) (Qty 1) Pay it Forward Gun Cleaning – $30.00 (USD)
  • 2) (Qty 5) Pay it Forward Gun Cleanings – $150.00 (USD)
  • 3) (Qty 10) Pay it Forward Gun Cleanings – $300.00 (USD)
  • 4) (Qty 25) Pay it Forward Gun Cleanings – $750.00 (USD)

Ironman Texas: Please look to see what Roads will be Closed this Weekend!

FYI, due to the recent storms the bike leg of the Ironman Texas in the Woodlands this Saturday was completely rerouted. It is not going to be the typical route out of the Woodlands into Montgomery and up into the Sam Houston National Forest and beyond.

It is going to be all around our area. There will probably be several road closures that will affect you if you are out and about in the Spring/Tomball area on Saturday.

You can see the current route map below! This Event will take place Saturday: May 14, 2016.