Help Support Local Police Officers

WACO - Until recently there haven't been many good choices to clean and maintain a firearm. That is until now, right here in Waco, hey can you guys help me?

They can with one of their six locations Nation wide and with eight more opening this year as well, this is a business that is thriving due to ex Military members using their skills to fill a real void. 

"This is the only business we know of that can take a guy who has gun use, gun knowledge and can share that with the public. And it lets them become the expert again, and it's great to see these guys thrive."

Like franchiser Roman Carreon who served six years in the military and is now using his expertise on both gun safety and maintenance which led him to owning his own store.

"Weapons was something that I was very good at in the military something that a lot of military guys get trained in, firearms safety, cleaning and it just fit the bill...."

The Gun Cleaners hope to have 100 stores Nationwide by the end of 2018. And they are constantly thinking of ways to support our men and women in Blue. So for just 30 dollars you can pre pay a gun cleaning for an officer. They sold 40 cleanings in the first 48 hours. 

"We have a store in Dallas and of course when the 5 officers were killed in July it just spurned us to say what can we do not just gun cleaners corporate members, which is 2500, what can we do to support our police officers and we came up with the pay it forward program.....

So officers take advantage and come on in and you'll get your firearm cleaned and most of the time you'll get your gun back the day that you turned it in. And you can even text the person who paid thanking them for their generosity.

For more information please visit the link below!

The Gun Cleaners of Spring

4334 FM 2920 Road Suite 30,Spring, TX 77388

  •  Phone: (281) 651-4419