Tracing your genealogy

The internet has put more information into our hands than generations past may have ever believed possible. One of the more unique ways the internet has opened doors is by providing a relatively easy way for men and women to trace their family histories. Once difficult to gather, information with regard to genealogy is now just a click away. Tracing one’s genealogy has become a popular pastime and one that is much more manageable thanks to the bevy of family tree and family lineage websites. Such sites work by gathering some key information, including the names and birthdays of certain relatives. The sites then use this data to create a more complete picture of family relations. On the popular genealogy site, for example, suggestions pop up with a potential relative’s name or further information about a loved one, which can then populate the family tree even further.

In addition to knowing just who is in a family, tracing genealogy also can present a bigger picture of relatives’ occupations and military history, and  may even shed light on their travel histories. Family tree sites can be enhanced by uploading images, census data, immigration records, and even more documents that would be otherwise buried in photo albums or memory keepsakes.

Taking family genealogy a step further, many people are opting to couple their family history quests with DNA testing. Companies such as 23andMe can use a saliva sample to help pinpoint potential geographic roots. These findings can include an estimate on ethnicity, going as far as breaking down the percentage of ethnicity from certain regions of the world. Further testing may include the ability to learn about other relatives who are linked through these DNA matches.

Family genealogy websites can provide fascinating windows into our family histories. People who are unsure of their ethnicity, those who were adopted, or anyone who is just curious about how their families began can find a wealth of interesting information in relatively little time.