Fitness classes make exercise resolutions fun

January 1 ushers in New Year’s resolution season. Among the most popular resolutions are ones designed to encourage healthy lifestyles. 
Despite initial enthusiasm, many people abandon their resolutions after a few weeks have passed, and that may be because they lose interest or set unrealistic goals. To remedy loss of interest, fitness enthusiasts may want to explore group classes offered by many gyms. Such classes offer a change of pace from traditional workouts while still facilitating weight loss. Here are some classes that may be coming to a gym near you.

  • Barre workouts: Inspired by the postures of ballet, dance, yoga, and pilates, barre classes blend isometric exercises with targeted strength training. The workouts are designed to give participants strong, lean and chiseled bodies. Many barre classes incorporate some free weights and a ballet barre. However, the majority of the workout relies on participants’ own bodyweight and balance.
  • ViPR™ classes: ViPRTM is an acronym for Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning. This is a new concept in fitness developed by the company Fitness Professionals. The workouts are built around loaded movement training and were inspired by farm workers who moved with load in daily life, and thusly developed superior strength. ViPRTM training, according to creator Michol Dalcourt, already is being used by major sports teams, tactical military and law enforcement agencies. Movements during the workout are enhanced by a weighted ViPRTM bar. Many trainers are now earning their ViPRTM certifications as more and more classes are being offered across the country.
  • Kickboxing: Kickboxing has become a popular fitness routine, helping people to blast away fat and improve muscle tone through energizing classes. According to Fitness magazine, kickboxing can burn an average of 500+ calories per hour. Kickboxing targets many areas of the body, including thighs, shoulders, arms and glutes, all in a single workout. Kickboxing classes also help many people relieve stress. Classes may feature kicks, punches and arial maneuvers done without any equipment, or pit participants against traditional kickboxing hanging bags. Trainers often work with individuals at their own pace to develop strength and agility.
  • Dance classes: Many gyms offer their own unique fitness dance classes that boast festive atmospheres while still providing highly effective cardiovascular and toning exercises. Dance-inspired classes pair creative choreography and upbeat music with classic workout maneuvers to help participants shed pounds. Because routines are constantly evolving, there’s little chance of getting bored, and many dance fitness enthusiasts insist their classes are far more fun than traditional workouts.