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Ad copy will carry over to the next month, if new material is not received by the 10th of the month prior to the next publication All cancellations or ad changes must be made in writing prior to the ad closing date and is effective on or before the next available closing date and may not be considered valid for the closed issues. Publisher has the right to adjust the frequency rate accordingly. (Please Note: Lack of Payment does not constitute cancellation).

Rate Penalty: Early termination of any written or verbal agreement for a 3, 6, 12 issue contract will result in a penalty fee of $100.00 plus the difference between the contract issue price and the single issue price for all issues in which the advertisement ads was placed. Send the email to info@

Payment Terms: Payments are due on receipt. Customers must pre-pay for the first ad insertion by check or major credit card.

General Policies: Acceptance of all advertising is subject to Publisher’s approval and agreement by the Advertiser to indemnify and protect Publisher from loss or expense on claims and suits based upon contents of the ad placed in Spring Klein Magazine. This includes, but is not limited to, libel, plagiarism, copyright infringement and unauthorized use of person’s name, property or photograph (or other likeness) of that person or his/her property. The Advertiser indemnifies and holds the Publisher harmless for any and all losses, cost or damages (including but not limited to reasonable legal fees) resulting from the Publisher exercising its right not to publish submissions from the Advertiser or from a submission not being published for any other reason. Publisher reserves the right to modify (at the Advertiser’s expense) any Ad material with the Advertiser’s approval (without the Advertiser’s approval if the advertising materials are received after the posted and /or printed “Ad Materials” date), in such cases where the Publisher finds the copy, artwork or any other creative element to be (but not limited to) libelous, misleading, obscene, offensive or otherwise objectionable. Special positions: The publisher reserves the right to give a better position than the one specified in the order at no increase in rate. Positioning of the ad is at the discretion of the publisher unless otherwise noted.
If paying by check please mail to: Neighborhood Publications 9337 Spring Cypress Road Suite #205 Spring TX 77379
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I hereby authorize Neighborhood Publications to charge the indicated credit card. I agree that this is either a one time or periodic charge that will be made as indicated above. To terminate the recurring billing process, if selected, I must cancel in writing, otherwise the account will be manually invoiced and payment made via cash or check. I understand that all account cancellations must be made in writing. I will not dispute Neighborhood Publications recurring billing with my credit card issuer so long as the amount in question was for services rendered prior to my canceling my account in the manner required. I guarantee and warrant that I am the legal cardholder for this credit card and that I am legally authorized to enter into this one time or recurring billing agreement with Neighborhood Publications.
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